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two bit punk makes clothing and accessories for infants & toddlers. No, we’re not talking about pastel pinks & blues, not knitted booties & bonnets or cute little teddy-bear and puppy-dog patterns. Nanna’s got that market all sewn up & cross-stitched. What ‘two bit punk’ makes is kids’ stuff with street smart attitude. Cheeky graphics, bold colours, rock'n'roll slogans. So before you go shopping for the little one in your life, take a moment to think how you’d feel if the only clothes in your size were embroidered pastel jump-suits, and then thank the gods of pop culture that two bit punk is here to save the day.

Thanks (heaps) to the Groovie Ghoulies for the use of their song!










(...except the music is by Kepi, ©2001 Crimson Moon Music, B.M.I.)